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You’ll Love How We Build Saddles

At Easy Fit, we know a lot about custom western saddles. We’re a top custom western saddle maker known for quality, lightweight western saddles. And for our great fit for both horse and rider.

That’s why we take time to measure your horse and you. Next, we make the saddle adjustable so that it continues to fit both of you. Then you make it your own with a selection of hundreds of options.

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Easy Fit Saddles

We are more than just another pretty saddle!


For the Horse

Horse Comfort

– We acquire comprehensive measurements of your horse.
– Then, utilize those measurements to construct a tree specifically for him. This gives your horse a properly sized saddle tree that fits comfortably all along his back.
– Cable rigging allows the cinch to sit were needed to prevent cinch sores.
– Saddle rock and angle can be adjusted using our built-in shim pads. This ensures your saddle keeps fitting your horse as it changes through age and conditioning.

For the Rider

Rider Comfort

– We start with rider measurements for seat size and fender length.
– Horizontally adjustable stirrup position allows the rider to move the stirrup and fender forward or back to achieve alignment and, ultimately, a ride without strain on the joints.
– The adjustable seat allows the rider to find the most comfortable and balanced position for their pelvis.
– Built into every saddle is crotch comfort relief.
– Steps to keep our saddles narrow include narrow twist, cable rigging, single-layer stirrup straps and elimination of any excess bulk under the leg. This also results in close contact with your horse.
– Stirrups are pre-twisted and foam padded for joint comfort.

For the Rider

Women’s Fit

– Women’s pelvis is built very differently from men’s; men don’t have to fit a baby through theirs! We build our trees with the needs of women in mind.
– Wide under the sit bones
– Low seat rise to the front
– Narrow twist
– Seat shims to adjust the rider’s pelvis placement and angle.
– Many men appreciate the narrow feel of our saddles too!

For the Rider & Horse


We replaced some components of our saddles with modern, lightweight materials yet always strive to maintain a traditional look.
– Shorter skirts
– Cable Rigging
– Single strap Stirrup system
– A light yet a strong tree

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