Easy Fit Saddles

Easy Fit Saddles design and produce a revolutionary new saddle constructed for the discriminating rider. If you are looking for the inexpensive, straight off-the-shelf saddle, Easy Fit Saddles are not for you. We cater to riders who want a saddle that truly fits their horse, with adjustability features to keep it fitting or to fit their other horses which are within a similar size range. We also cater to riders who want a saddle that truly fits them, not some saddle maker’s concept of what “should” fit.

We measure your horse, then custom builds a tree to fit its back type. Our saddles incorporate built-in bar shim pads to keep them fitting as your horse changes thru age and condition cycles. Our lightweight trees are made of a glass-infused polymer, with a tuned fibre frame that incorporates an adjustable cable girthing system.

Our adjustable seat can receive a variety of inserts to not only fit both female and male riders but also position them in the saddle. Our adjustable stirrup position system allows the rider to achieve a properly balanced riding posture. The cable rigging and single strap stirrup system combine to minimize all the bulk under your leg. Easy fit saddles, when fully rigged, weigh an average of just 20 pounds.

For the rider

Adjustable for the Rider

Our saddles can be adjusted for the rider in 3 ways:

  • The first is what you find on any saddle, stirrup length.
  • Second is the positioning of the stirrups/fenders forward or back.
  • The third is the adjustment of the seat to find the right angle, width, and thickness for your body shape and preference.

Together, these three adjustments will allow you to find a comfortably balanced position when riding.

Built for Women

Our saddles are built to accommodate a woman’s unique shape:

  • The rise of the seat is low to accommodate a low pubic bone.
  • Seat shims adjust to support a neutral pelvic position that eliminates bracing.
  • The seat shim can be shaped to get the drop-off point from the sit bones to the thigh in the correct place. 
  • Seat shims come in various thicknesses and widths to allow customization of the twist.
  • Seat padding and seams are wide in the sit bone area.
  • Saddle rigging & stirrup leathers have been minimized under the leg to reduce bulk and keep the twist narrow.
  • The custom shaping of the seat distributes the rider's weight to a larger area, eliminating pressure points for a comfortable fit.
  • Our saddles are lightweight.

Built for Men

Our saddles are built to accommodate a man’s pelvic structure:

  • Seat shims can be shaped to accommodate men's seat bones which are narrower and further back. 
  • Wider shims in the twist area accommodate men's thigh muscling.

With our seat shimming system and adjustable fenders, men can also find their perfect balance and comfort point in our saddles.

Close Contact

We have significantly reduced bulk under your leg to achieve close contact. We have accomplished this with our cable rigging and single strap stirrup system. 

For the Horse

Made to Measure Trees

  • We start by utilizing our back profiling system to measure your horse’s back three-dimensionally. From these measurements, we can build a saddle tree to fit your horse's back type.

Construction of the Trees

  • Our lightweight trees are made of a glass infused polymer, with a tuned fiber frame and strategically placed steel tubing. The tree is wrapped in a bonded rubber coating, resulting in a tree that is stronger and lighter than traditional trees.

Rotationally Flexible Tree 

  • Our trees are rotationally flexible but reinforced along their length so they won’t collapse under your weight.
  • A flex tree gives a horse more freedom of movement under the saddle.

Tree design

  • Wide gullet channel keeps the tree bars off the spine, withers, associated ligaments, nerves and reflex points of your horse’s back.
  • Wide and flat bars reduce the pounds per square inch on your horse’s back.
  • Rider is positioned close to the horse’s center of balance.
  • Short saddle allows the horse complete freedom of movement in his backend.

Fully Adjustable

  • Felt pads in various thicknesses and with shim pockets under the tree bars allow you keep the saddle fitting as your horse changes shape throughout conditioning and age cycles.
  • Our equalizer cable rigging system eliminates the weight of all the leather and steel associated with traditional rigging systems and allows the rigging to be adjusted to any rigging position.

Our Saddles


In Canada, Al Hicks was living in an environment where Quarter Horse tree bars were the standard; he started working with a local saddle maker to develop a western tree that would fit his thoroughbred horses.

 Al researching, studying and testing various materials. They secured a grant from the National Research Council to build on their experiences and pursue their goals. With that money they designed and re-designed, mixed and poured, tested and rode until they came up with the saddle design and features they were seeking. At the same time, they were looking at how to measure a horse’s back and then translate that to the saddle tree bars.

Considerable time, research, testing, funding and innovative thinking has gone into our Easy Fit saddles. We will continue to look at new designs and materials to keep improving our product. But sometimes we look to old ideas for inspiration. Cable rigging, patented by Hamley Saddles at the turn of the last century, failed to work with wood and rawhide trees of the day but we are able to easily embedded into our polymer tree. Single strap stirrups, also patented by Hamley over 100 years ago, reduce the bulk under the leg, eliminating the need for the cut-out in the tree bars for stirrup leathers and work well in our saddles. A number of different adjustable seat and stirrup systems were tried, refining each revision until the present.

The National Research Council recognized that Allen was on to something innovative and have supported them through grant money. With these funds, Easy Fit Saddles can afford to continue to strive for improvement by exploring new ideas and materials. The market has confirmed that they are on the right track, giving them positive feedback, and backing it up with saddle sales. The quest for the “ultimate saddle” is ongoing and the 2 men with dreams of building good, quality saddles will continue.


They weigh in at just over 20 pounds when fully rigged. We have utilized modern materials in the construction of our saddles and incorporated innovative design features to accomplish this.

Traditional Finish

We use the finest quality 12 oz North American tanned leather. Tooling is all hand done. Felt pads are made of F11 (98%) wool felt for superior cooling and moisture wicking. Conchos, buckles, and D-rings are stainless steel with silver plating. Our saddle makers have years of experience in combining these materials to craft beautiful saddles.

Saddle Pictures


Sue Hicks


Sue has ridden all her life, starting her a new 3-year-old she raised on the place.

    Al Hicks


    Allen has ridden for over 30 years, starting and play a number of horses over the years.