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We handcraft lightweight, gender-specific, western saddles to enhance the
comfort and performance of both horse and rider through proper saddle fit.

The Easy Fit Difference

Easy Fit Saddles design and build a custom saddle to fit both you & your horse utilizing innovative technologies. The result is a lightweight, personalized fit for both horse and rider.

To create your saddle we first get a very precise 3D profile of your horse’s back and create the tree from that profile.  But horses change, so we incorporate bar shim pads to keep it fitting and an adjustable cable girthing system which allows the girth to sit where your horse needs it.

For the rider, we also provide a custom fit. A selection of gender-specific seat inserts can be adjusted by you to customize the saddle seat to your liking. Our stirrup straps are adjustable forward or back to allow you to position your legs for your body type and riding preference. The single strap stirrup system is thin and flexible to keep you close to your horse and relieve the strain on your knees and ankles. Padded and optional offset stirrups help smooth out the ride. High-quality craftsmanship and top-shelf finishes give our saddles the traditional look.

Cut Back 14", chestnut, tooled border Jeremiah Watt conchos
Cut Back 14″, chestnut, tooled border, plaited aluminum stirrups.

Our Saddles

A lightweight performance saddle designed for the specific requirements of women or men.
It is engineered for the comfort of the horse and rider in the arena or when riding off-the-grid trails.
Adventure-seeking riders on a journey know that the right saddle makes all the difference in the world

Slick Fork, brown and black, bucking rolls

Lady Wade

The Lady Wade saddle has all the same features as our other saddles with one major difference, virtually no shoulders on the forks. Additionally, they have a larger, lower horn. It is a style that originated in California. You can choose to add bucking rolls for more security in the seat.

All Around

All Around

The All Around saddle is one of our most popular models!  The saddle has a low swell and is styled with a very traditional western profile. It’s a great choice for everyday riding as a lightweight trail saddle in which you and your horse can be comfortable for hours And you will look great when competing in the show ring. For the horseman that does a little bit of everything, this is the best saddle to suit your needs and will be a very comfortable ride for both you and your horse.

All Around

Western Dressage

Here is a saddle that you can adjust to position yourself to sit as you would in a dressage saddle. Combine it with a custom tree for your horse and a very traditional western profile and you’ve got a winner!

What our customers say

Top of her list of well-made western saddles

Sky’s saddle is SO beautiful!! Thank you so much! The woman who shows Sky and my warmblood in English dressage is a professional western dressage rider and said that she finds the saddle very comfortable and at the top of her list of well-made western saddles. Sky seems to be happy with it as well.

The show was amazing and overwhelming, to say the least. I was questioning if we should even be there, but then Sky went into his first class, the Open Hack and WON the championship! There were 14 horses in the class and I can’t tell you how thrilled and excited we were when they called out his number as the 2019 Open Hack World Champion!!
Photos Don Stine Photography

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