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We created the Easy Saddle Fit System to take the mystery out of quantifying and communicating the proper saddle tree shape for your next saddle. We’re confident that we can make a custom western saddle for even the most difficult-to-fit horses, with a success rate of about 96%. Get Started with our Easy Saddle Fit System. It takes the guesswork out of measuring and communicating saddle fit.

There is no industry standard for sizing western saddle trees. A tree classified as a full quarter horse by one manufacturer may differ considerably from another maker. We learned much about what doesn’t work after experimenting with numerous saddle-measuring methods, lasers, spiders, and angle gauges, to name a few. To construct a properly fitting tree every time, a combination of rock, angle, and spread or gullet width is required. Using simply one or two of these measurements is ineffective; it will provide hints but never the entire saddle fit picture.

Call 403-816-5251 or fill out form 1 below to get started. See if we have a fitter in your area or rent our Easy Saddle Fit kit, and we will walk you thru the process via cell phone.

Information about you and your horse will be necessary. From there, we’ll decide how to measure your horse; it might be done on-site by one of our fitting specialists, or we can assist you remotely.

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Please fill out the form below to help us get your horse measured.

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Horse Back Measurements

To guarantee that the data is preserved in the relevant account, kindly supply the customer’s email address.

Saddle Measurements

Please add the horse’s measurements from our Saddle fitting System. Use the customer’s email address so all information accumulates in with that email address. 

There is no cost or obligation to complete this form. You can browse and select options on this form as often as you want, and it will email a copy to both of us so we can discuss it. Together we can review all the finishes and options available and aid you in making your pick.

Saddle Quote

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Seat Size

Western saddle seats are traditionally measured from the top of the cantle to the back of the fork. Using this method, a change of fork or cantle angle will give a different seat size measurement without any actual seat change.

The thigh area, measured from the base of the cantle to the bottom of the swells, is a more accurate measurement. To measure your seat size enter the circumference of the thickest part of your thigh, measured in inches, in the first box below. The second box will compute the suggested thigh Length.

. You can select your seat size by the traditional measurements or thigh length.

If you select a Cutback, English, Endurance or wade style saddle, your thighs can slip forward beneath the forks, providing an additional inch of seat space. Great for short-backed horses.

Fork  Style

The fork or swell is the saddle’s front member, providing functionality and style. We have swell and slick forks with and without undercuts or horns. The pictured saddles are   shown with various options added and are not representative of the base saddle 

Horn or no Horn

The tree swells above arrive with their respective horns. If you do not want a horn, please let us know; we can remove the horn from any fork.

Cantle Height

Higher cantle height makes getting in and out of the saddle more difficult, but it also provides more security, keeping you in the saddle during those moments.

Cantle Binding

Select the finish for the cantle edge.

Skirt and Reveal Style

Round or Square? 
A layer of accent leather is added to the bottom skirt with a reveal to improve its appearance. Using no reveal on a short-backed horse will help shorten the overall length of the saddle. On endurance and English-style saddles, the reveal is not available.

Primary Leather Colour

Bridle leather finishes with a waxy feel and a lovely sheen. Following the vegetable tanning process, the leather is hot stuffed with oils and tallows that penetrate the hides, resulting in a smooth, rich cut that is weather-resistant. Following the tanning process, the leather is drum-dyed for uniform colouring. The artisanal tanning process distinguishes vegetable leather from leather produced by other types of tannages. With vegetable tanning, colours undergo an oxidation process. Their colour will get darker with time, or they can move to a brownish tone, mainly if the items they produce are used outdoors. So please expect a colour variation as time goes by.

Variations in colour, pattern, and style are possible due to the nature of leather. Our leather swatches and photos are only a close representation of the actual leather. We cannot guarantee the cut of our patterned leathers because no two are alike. (All colours are approximations)

Seat Leather Colour

Variations in colour, pattern, and style are possible due to the nature of leather. Our leather swatches and photos are only a close representation of the actual leather. We cannot guarantee the cut of our patterned leathers because no two are alike. (All colours are approximations)

Accent Bridle Leather Colour

Saddle strings, swell and cantle lacing, concho backs, buck stitch, stirrup lacing, bridle, breast collar lacing, and reveal colour are all in the accent leather colour.

Rough Out

rough out choice


Rough-out refers to the rough, unfinished leather side. It hides cuts and scrapes better than smooth leather and can provide more grip in the saddle. To refurbish, use a wire brush. All parts will be slick-out unless otherwise noted here.





Buck Stitch

border area


You can add a stitched lace border on its own or with a tooled edge. The Accent Bridle Leather Color you selected will be used for the buck stitch. +600.







border areaYou can add a tooled border by choosing the design below +600.







Select how much tooling you want in this section, then select the pattern you prefer in the following area. Tooling can be used alone or with your chosen border and buck stitch options. There are no endurance or English swells available.

Tooling design

Choose a tooling design for the tooling area from above- not available on the endurance and english swells

Antique Finish

Antique finish emphasizes tooling, carving and embossing, 2-toned effect. This works best with lighter-colored leather. 


Conchos are backed with one large accent leather-coloured rosette and one smaller saddle leather-coloured rosette.

Fender Length

We employ a stirrup mechanism with a single strap that can be moved forward and backward to position the stirrup. The fenders float over the strap and have limited adjustment. You must pick the proper stirrup length. 

Please take a barefoot measurement from your crotch to the ground. The inseam of your favourite pants is not always an accurate measurement. Unlike other stirrups, you will not be able to adjust your stirrups beyond the stated lengths.



We stock several types of stirrups or use your favourite.

Rigging Style

We use a cable rigging system on our trees. We can add a western-style latigo and off-side billet, as well as an english-style two-strap billet.

Saddle Accessories

Click on the accessory category of interest one ar a time  to see the option.

Matching Breast Collar

Measure from the center of your horse’s chest to the saddle D rings. The horse’s windpipe is just under the skin where the base of the neck meets the center of the chest.

The Tiedown strap is measured from the center of the chest to the ring on the cinch.


Do you want to Pay additional fees for shipping insurance in case of a loss; we do not cover losses once items leave our shop. 

Personal Information

Personal Information

The Order Form is the best method of showing you each custom saddle option. Please fill it out as best as possible; the form will forward copies to you and me to discuss. You have no obligation or cost.

The form shows a summary of your selection upon completion only if a price is attached to each item. I have added a cost of $0.01 to all No Cost Items for clarity. These will be removed from your invoice. 

Additional Instructions,

Something unique or new not covered above, Please give me a call at 403-816-5251

Terms and conditions

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Order Summary

When you have your horses’ measurements and have reviewed your saddle design choices, we require a non-refundable deposit of $2500. Upon receipt of the deposit, you will secure a place on our saddle-building list.

Saddle Deposit

Saddle deposit gets your saddle added to our build list. If you are in Canada an e-transfer is best. Paypal allows the use of your Paypal account or credit card. You will be handed off to the secure Paypal servers and once completed back to Easy Fit Saddles. 

We Build Your Saddle: The completion of a saddle typically takes 3 to 4 months. Because they are custom saddles, it takes time to construct them. Each saddle is created on a tree specially made for your horse. Every saddle option is different depending on the buyer’s preferences. 

When your saddle is ready, you will be notified. We will give you a snapshot of your saddle and the final billing. After we receive payment, we will ship your saddle to you or your fitter.

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