Welcome to our saddle gallery, where you can see some of the fantastic saddles we have made for our customers. You can browse different styles and options, including all-around, cut back, lady wade, endurance, English crossover, barrel, Aussie Fender, and western dressage. You can also see some tooling options, conchos options, and border options that you can choose from to customize your saddle. Our saddles are made with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship and are fully adjustable to fit both horse and rider. Please look at our saddle gallery and get inspired by our innovative designs and beautiful products.


Saddle up with the Easy Fit Saddles All Around Saddle, and you and your horse are ready to take on anything! Cruise the mountain trails, round up some doggies or bring home the ribbons. The All-Around saddle delivers enhanced responsiveness and control for everyday versatile riding performance with cutting-edge fitting systems for horses and riders.

Cut Back

Horses love the short skirts and undercut swells of the Easy Fit Saddles Cut Back saddle because of its maneuverability and how it puts the saddle and rider’s weight in sync with the horse’s center of balance. Now they can move uninhibited through any training pattern or challenging terrain. Riders will appreciate the advanced seat security and the ease with which they can lift the saddle onto their horse.

Lady Wade

Get a ride like a true cowgirl in our Lady Wade saddle. Its style dates back hundreds of years, bringing images of dusty trails and the smells of leather, horse sweat and cattle. The saddle is sculpted for the unrivalled comfort of women, and the custom saddle tree will delight your horse equally as you go about your day in the saddle together.


Endurance riding demands the ultimate saddle fit for both horse and rider. Additionally, the saddle must be lightweight and not retain heat. Our Custom Endurance Saddles check all of these boxes.
We build a custom tree for your horse and cover it with lightweight yet strong materials, keeping skirts to a minimum. Bar pads under the tree allow excellent airflow under the saddle to help keep the horse calm. Multiple D-rings provide ample attachment locations for your gear. The shimmable seat and movable stirrup/fender positioning provide the ultimate rider comfort and the opportunity to adjust their position easily to keep in sync with their horse’s center of balance. Our endurance saddles weigh approximCrossoverounds.

English Cross-Over

Put a fresh spin on what you love. All the benefits of a western tree combined with English styling will make you and your horse Crossover in this English Crossover saddle. The clean lines and personalized finishes will give you that safe ride and fresh style you and your horse have sought.


This Barrel Racing saddle is made to help you chase new goals and records. It clocks in with a sleek design that allows your horse to bend as you sprint and turn. Wide tree bars and a secure seat designed for women provide stability for horse and rider through bursts of speed and change of direction, pushing you towards your personal best. Look as fast as you feel with your choice of leather colour, tooling, and conchos.

Aussie Fender

With tons of security in this Australian seat and the same responsive saddle tree system found in our other styles, you and your horse are ready to take on anything. It’s a sensational mix of comfort, stability, strength and attitude. The details that make this style an icon will make you and your horse stand out. Crikey, Australians have been riding without a horn for years?


The Easy Fit Saddles Western Dressage saddle is about superior communication and response between you and your horse. Adjusting your saddle for the ultimate fit will give you unprecedented comfort, a fluid ride, and unity with your horse as you glide across the arena.

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