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Easy Fit Saddles

Exceptional Fit For Horse And Rider
Our lightweight saddles are designed for equestrian sports enthusiasts who demand speed, agility, and comfort from their equipment.

Ideal fit for horse and rider is crucial for optimal performance.

Our EASY-SADDLE-FIT-KIT® measuring system is a state-of-the-art tool designed for riders who want to ensure their horse is correctly fitted with a saddle. Using our innovative technology, we can accurately measure your horse’s back angles, rock, and twist, allowing us to create the appropriate tree shape to enhance your and your horse’s comfort and performance. Our precise measurements enable us to achieve more contact between the trees and your horse, offering a more personalized fit than generic trees, which can’t come close to matching.

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Keep your saddle fitting through the horse’s evolving shape.

As your horse’s physical shape changes due to various factors such as fitness level, diet, and maturity, it’s important to ensure your saddle is adaptable to meet its evolving needs. Our EASY-SHIM® system offers a completely fitting solution that guarantees your horse’s comfort and peace of mind. The system allows for measurable, symmetrical, and fully reversible adjustments, making it easy and reliable to customize your saddle to fit your horse’s changing shape. This ensures optimal comfort and performance for your horse.

Easy Fit Saddles are custom fit to your horse and you, They are fully adjustable to keep them fitting.

Adjustable rigging position allows you to rig your saddle to fit your horse best.

Our saddles have a distinctive feature – a stainless steel aircraft cable loop embedded in the fork and cantle. This loop enables the billet and latigo to self-adjust and distribute saddle pressure evenly from the front to the back. In addition, it reduces bulk under the thigh, decreases weight overall, and enhances the tree’s overall strength. You can manually adjust the rigging position according to your requirements, with options such as full, 7/8, 3/4, or centerfire.

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Find the perfect fit for your body type.

Our saddles are thoughtfully crafted to provide an unparalleled fit for riders of all body types, ensuring exceptional comfort and balance. We recognize that women and men come in all shapes and sizes, each with unique preferences and requirements. Our saddles boast adjustable components that empower you to fine-tune the fit to your specific needs, providing a truly customized riding experience.

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Discover the benefits of a lightweight saddle.

Our lightweight saddles are designed for equestrian sports enthusiasts who demand speed, agility, and comfort from their equipment. Made with advanced materials and technology, our saddles are durable and lightweight, providing superior performance and comfort for you and your horse. Whether you’re a competitive rider or love to explore the outdoors on horseback, our lightweight saddles will help you achieve your goals and enjoy the ride.

Innovative designs and quality craftsmanship

Our recent saddle builds

At Easy Fit Saddles, we pride ourselves on delivering custom saddle builds that meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. Our innovative designs and quality craftsmanship ensure each saddle build is unique and tailored to your needs. From the type of leather used to the stitching and detailing, every aspect of our custom saddle builds is carefully considered and expertly executed. A saddle should be functional but also beautiful and comfortable for both horse and rider. Look at some of our recent saddle builds and see what separates Easy Fit Saddles.

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All-Around 2.0

Saddle up with the Easy Fit All-Around saddle, and you and your horse are ready to take on anything! Cruise the mountain trails, round up some doggies or bring home the ribbons. See more



Horses love the short skirts and undercut swells of the Easy Fit Cut Back saddle because of its maneuverability and how it syncs the saddle and rider’s weight with the horse’s center of balance. See more

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lady wade

Get a ride like a true cowgirl in our Lady Wade saddle. Its style dates back hundreds of years, bringing images of dusty trails and the smells of leather, horse sweat and cattle. See more

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amber Marshal trail

The Easy Fit Trail saddle has all the features riders love, including a custom tree and a ranch-style design that’s easy to care for. See more