Unique Tree Design


At Easy Fit Saddles we manufacture our own unique tree utilizing high-tech, lightweight materials. With a generous grant from the National Research Council, we selected and tested materials to stand up to the toughest conditions we could find. The result is a comfortable, durable, light tree that truly fits your horse.

A primary goal in designing the tree was to be comfortable for the horse, which meant that it had to fit each horse’s unique shape. Our precise horse measuring system and our ability to shape the tree to those measurements put more tree bar in contact with your horse’s back. Extra-wide, flat bars with no stirrup slots allow for more surface area contact, which translates to better weight distribution and fewer pounds per square inch on the horse’s back.

Next to fit and comfort is durability. The strength of the tree is achieved through glass strand embedded polymers and steel reinforcement in the forks. They will stand up to the extreme cold, will not warp, and are durable and lightweight.

The equalizer cable girthing system is a loop of stainless steel aircraft cable embedded in the tree. It pulls evenly front to back eliminating the need for a back cinch and equalizes itself to the position of the cinch. It eliminates traditional rigging which is bulky and heavy.

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