This saddle has made a huge positive difference in our lives


The saddle is just awesome!

I’ve been riding regularly for the past couple of months. The saddle is just awesome! People at the barn have commented on the drastic difference in the pony since using it. Saying things like how happy she looks, good she looks. Riding is Fun again! Her movement is wonderful now. She’s able to extend her strides and move her shoulders and hips freely–no choppy pony strides, no balking or breaking gait!!

There is definitely a difference in her abilities to the one side (because of the past issues from poor fit), but now with the saddle, we are able to work on correcting it. In other words, with the saddle, I can feel her becoming more balanced. It is so exciting to be able to start working towards the things I know she’s capable of, and also to feel that security of a saddle. (remember before I was only able to ride bareback because I could tell she was more comfortable that way, but I wasn’t really confident about it!).

Here is one very happy pony with her Easy Fit Saddle! This saddle has made a huge positive difference in our lives. Thank you!

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