Custom Tree from Measurements

As some of you know, I have been struggling to find a saddle that fits both Abby and me. After many painstakingly long hours of research, I stumbled across a company called Easy Fit Saddle located in Alberta (🙌Canadian product). Their selling feature was the ability to customize the tree based on numerous measurements of the horse’s back. As a bonus feature, the saddle can also be adjusted to the rider’s preference. Oh, and it weighs 22 lbs. After some adjustments and having ridden in it for a bit, I can officially say that it is by far the most comfortable and best-fitting saddle I have ever been in. If that makes sense. Abby travels completely differently in it, so much so that I have to get used to her bigger movements. Her top line is already changing; muscles that were previously impaired are now growing (thank goodness the saddle can be adjusted to accommodate). I need to thank Rachael Argo of Callan Saddlery for embarking on this venture with me. It’s been and continues to be an enlightening experience, with so much left to learn about saddle fitting. The saddle is not only practical, it is also a beauty (in my opinion, but I may be biased lol). The leather is of superior quality and the tooling is a work of art. I would highly recommend this brand of saddle to anyone struggling with the fit. Although it is not a cheap fix, it certainly will pay off in the long run. Thank you, Allen L. Hicks, for all your hard work. It’s been a pleasure to work with you and the Easy Fit team!