Ten reasons why you should buy an Easy Fit Saddle

  1. We measure your horse’s back and create a tree to match using our 3D horseback measuring technology. We guarantee an excellent fit, whether it is one of our fitters or someone remotely helping you measure your horse.
  2. The Easy Fit trees are is designed to provide the horse with a maximum range of shoulder mobility. This will allow for a longer stride and a more comfortable and productive workout for the horse.
  3. All Easy Fit saddles have an adjustable ground seat to accommodate the rider’s size and shape, promoting a neutral pelvis and ultimate comfort.
  4. Our bar pads under the saddle, make it simple to adjust the saddle to your ever-changing horse. Make an extra set of pads for another horse.
  5. Adjustments can be easily made on-site by the rider or a saddle fitter.
  6. Our Cut-back model is great for horses with short backs.
  7. Our saddles include girth positioning choices to accommodate horse forms and saddle positions.
  8. Our saddle representatives are all horse enthusiasts. They have lived a horseman’s life and are consequently passionate about their craft.
  9. Easy Fit saddles are produced from high-quality North American hides that have been ethically tanned in award-winning tanneries.
  10. We cover a wide range of disciplines, including western dressage, speed events, cattle work, trail riding, and endurance.