Does the Tree Fit the Shape of My Horse’s Back?

Dr Kerry Ridgway Take time to educate yourself because an ill-fitted tree will cause permanent, long-term damage to your horse. And there are no pads, shims, adjusting, nor gadgets that will make it right if it is the wrong shaped tree for that horse! The saddle tree is indeed the primary element to consider in […]

Saddle Fit Myths

Being knowledgeable about tack is part of our journey as a horseman. Yet when it comes to saddle fit, confusion and misinformation abound, Horses’ backs are complex shapes and a lot of factors need to come together to achieve a good fit.  Horses can’t talk so it’s up to our observations to evaluate saddle fit. This […]

Riders are saddling their horses with problems

A British study has raised the possibility riders are saddling their horses with problems, many may not be sitting well in the saddle, with the potential to cause problems for their mount. The Animal Health Trust pilot study set out to investigate some basic aspects of rider position and saddle fit. Side-on photographs of 34 randomly […]

How to Tell if Your Saddle Hurts Your Horse

How to Tell if Your Saddle Hurts Your Horse By Erica Larson Ensure there’s consistent contact between the panel and the back. Uneven contact could result in pressure points. In recent years, researchers have conducted several studies that make one thing crystal clear: A properly fitting saddle is key to keeping any ridden horse healthy […]

5 Ways Your Seat Can Screw Up Your Horse

5 Ways Your Seat Can Screw Up Your Horse Something that saddle fitters know but that’s often the last thing riders think of: it’s their riding position as much as the saddle fit that’s affecting their horse’s back and movement. In this Guest Post, ‘Classical Seat’ trainer Heather Moffett looks at how the rider’s seat can […]

Horses, saddles and riders: the saddle fitter as educator

Horses, saddles, and riders: the saddle fitter as educator Equestrian Trade News.  Anne Bondi, October 2016. Today, considerably fewer people grow up with the horse as part of their daily lives and many of today’s horse owners do not have a family tradition of handed-down wisdom. This lack of natural horsemanship training has led to an […]