Easy Saddle Fit System
Easy Saddle Fit System

Welcome to Easy Fit Saddles’ home of the Easy Saddle Fit System. This system is unique in the equine industry; we can measure your horse’s back and saddle. One of our saddle fitters will work with you one on 1, long-distance, to assist you with measuring. Through this online process, you will find out precisely what you and your horse need. 

We offer free complimentary saddle fittings at our shop. If we have a saddle rep in your area, we can put you in contact with them. For $395, we will send you a 3D EQUINE SADDLE FITTING SYSTEM (including Shipping & Handling). You can keep them for up to two weeks; $195 is refunded, less shipping costs if returned in good condition. The remaining $200 is applied to the purchase of a saddle or is nonrefundable. There is a $50 fee for each additional week the tools are kept. Please contact us at 403-816-5251 if you have any questions.

First, we walk you through a step-by-step video guide on taking complete measurements, viewing photos of completed measurements, and sending you step-by-step written instructions. then be there with you while you measure. You then submit this information via our website for your fitters to review. Your fitter will answer your questions and offer viable solutions to optimize the fit of your saddle.  We will work with you to improve the comfort, fit, and performance of your saddle for both you and your horse. 

Below are sample pictures of a remote measuring. Creating a set of pictures like this allows us to see what you see in detail.

Picture of a remote measuring with Easy Saddle Fit System