Reining Saddle


Our Reining Saddle is built to avoid interference to the rider, allowing them to give subtle cues to their horse, and it is custom fit to the horse and rider allowing them to achieve maximum comfort and balance.

• The horn and swells are low, so as not to impede the rider’s hands or get in the way of the reins.
• The cantle is low and laid back to prevent it from hitting the rider’s back when performing a big stop.
• Close contact of the leg has been achieved with: cutouts in the skirts under the leg; single strap stirrup leathers reduce bulk; cable rigging is less bulky than traditional rigging; the seat sits you close to the horse’s back.
• Stirrups are hung high to match your leg movement and are free-swinging.

• We build your saddle tree using detailed measurements from your horse. Our trees are designed and contoured for maximum comfort and maneuverability for your horse.
• Adjustable seat shims allow the rider to adjust the seat to their body type to find the perfect pocket in the saddle.
• Adjustable stirrup positioning assists the rider in staying with the horse’s motion, versus being out of balance, falling forward, or behind the motion due to leathers being hung too far forward or back.
• Cable rigging is similar to a dropped rigging as it pulls the saddle down evenly front to back, keeping it securely in place.

The process:
1) Measure your horse: Click here to place a deposit on the SADDLE FITTING TEMPLATES.
2) Get your saddle on our build list, Pay the saddle deposit: Click on, “Add to Cart” button below
3) Select your saddle options: Click on, “Create Your Custom Saddle” button below

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Seat sizes:
• 14″ seat – 8.5″ thigh, cut back swells 10″- approx saddle length 24″, bare tree bar length 19″.
• 15″ seat – 9.5″ thigh, cut back swells 11″ – approx saddle length 25″, bare tree bar length 20″.
• 16″ seat- 10.5″ thigh, cut back swells 12″ – approx saddle length 26″, bare tree bar length 21″.
• 17″ seat – 11.5″ thigh, cut back swells 13″ – approx saddle length 27″, bare tree bar length 22″.

All saddles come with:
• Shop built, made to measure tree
• Adjustable cable rigging
• Shimmable bar pads
• Turned stirrups
• Adjustable (forward or back) stirrup/fender
• Shimmable seat
• Saddle strings
• 5-year tree and workmanship warranty
• Weight approximately 22 lbs (Endurance and English are approx 16 lbs)
• Choice of cantle finish, horn style, skirts, swells, conchos, stirrups, and leather colours
• Optional border stamping, leather tooling, or trophy lettering

Additional information

Weight12 kg
Dimensions65 × 45 × 45 cm

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