Australian Fender Saddle


Our Australian Fender Saddles provides security and comfort for anyone riding in rough terrain or spending long hours on their horse.
– The small skirts keep it light and reduce heat capture on the horse’s back.
– Cut back swells provide more security in the saddle as the thighs lie under the swells and at a similar angle.
– A pencil roll on the cantle adds to the Australian stock saddle look.
– We have two ways of making the thigh pad. One way is to build them solidly as part of the swells. Alternatively, we can form the thigh pads from leather which would provide some give if the rider was to hit them because of a quick or unexpected stop or turn.
– The thigh pads lie next to the rider’s thigh giving them a very secure seat and position the rider further forward on the horse’s back. They undercut the swells allowing the rider to brace against them and they allow the rider to sit ahead an inch or so in the seat. The rider sits closer to the base of the withers, allowing them to move balanced and more in sync with the horse’s own center of balance.
– Ride comfortably and securely whatever you and your horse are doing. This is a great saddle for a short backed horse or for riders who just like a small saddle for looks, lightweight, and horse maneuverability.

The process:
1) Measure your horse: Click here to order the horse back template kit.
2) Pay the deposit: Click on, “Add to Cart” button below
3) Select your saddle options: Click on, “Create Your Custom Saddle” button below

The saddle price may not be representative of the saddles pictured.

Click on the “Create your custom saddle” here tab and fill out the form


English        Western          Australian
15″               13″                   15″
16″               14″                   16″
17″               15″                   17″
18″               16″                   18″
19″               17″                   19″

All saddles come with:
• Shop built, made to measure tree
• Adjustable cable rigging
• Shimmable bar pads
• Turned stirrups
• Adjustable (forward or back) stirrup/fender
• Shimmable seat
• Saddle strings
• 5-year tree and workmanship warranty
• Weight approximately 22 lbs (Endurance and English are approx 16 lbs)
• Choice of cantle finish, horn style, skirts, swells, conchos, stirrups and leather colours
• Optional border stamping, leather tooling or trophy lettering

All Around, fully tooled
All Around fully tooled
Create that dream saddle that will make you and your horse shine.
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Additional information

Weight12 kg
Dimensions65 × 45 × 45 cm

Create Your Custom Saddle