3D Equine Saddle Fitting System


Good saddle fit starts with a good fitting tree; a good fitting tree starts by measuring your horse’s back with our 3D equine back profiling system is designed to classify the horse’s back, identifying measurements of the width, angle, and twist. From these measurements, we can build a tree to fit your horse’s unique shape and to monitor changes in the horse’s back over time.

You can use our 3D equine back profiling system to measure your horse. Purchase them on this page by adding the 3D equine back profiling system to your cart. If you return them and purchase a saddle, we will refund the charges, less shipping, by applying a credit to your purchase. (If you live outside of Canada, ask us how you should mark your paperwork to avoid duty taxes when returning the cards.)

The 3D equine back profiling system contains everything you will need to complete the task. Additionally, we have an online video you can watch, and you can contact us by phone or a video app, so we can see what you are seeing.

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3D Equine Saddle Fitting System

Western saddle fit is generating a lot of interest within the riding community of late. The way your saddle fits your horse is the key to his comfort and performance. The terminology used to describe a tree fit, Quarter Horse, Full Quarter Horse and Semi Quarter Horse bars here is no standardization among tree makers and does not begin to cover the shape of horses that people are now riding in western saddles. Horses from all over the world have been imported and interbred to our North American quarter horse population, quarter horses can present with a back that ranges from a large draft horse to a pony, but in general, horses’ backs have gotten wider and shorter making proper western saddle fit difficult. Many additional horse breeds prefer to use western saddles Mules, Gaited, Arabian, Thoroughbreds etc, just as people wear different size pants and dress horses can’t be lumped into back types or categories by breed. Horses change shape thru their age and conditioning cycles, so check for proper fit from time to time.

Easy Fit Saddle Fitting System

Easy Fit Saddles has developed a 3D Equine Saddle Fitting System based on Dennis Lane’s system, but simplified and capable of measuring the larger range of equines that people are riding in western saddles. We measure the angle of the horse’s back from behind the shoulder, every 2″, along the saddle fit area and together with the rock along the centre of where the bar will sit to give us a 3D profile of the equine’s back. The system allows quick, easy, consistent measuring, that can be easily communicated to find or make a saddle or to track changes in the equines back over time. Measurements forward from the base of the wither to the back of the scapula and backward from the base of the wither to the last rib (T18) help us determine the wither length and shape of the tree.

Remote Saddle Fitting Option.

We have also successfully fit hundreds of saddles remotely with our 3D Equine Saddle Fitting System, we will work with you at each step of the process to ensure the best possible fit for your horse. We have written instructions with diagrams, a video, and interactive help via cell phone video and photos. Furthermore, we can set up a time to help you work through the process. Contact us at (403) 816-5262 to schedule a fitting.

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