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3D Equine Saddle Fitting system to measure your horse’s back

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  • 3D Equine Saddle Fitting System3D Equine Saddle Fitting system

    3D Equine Saddle Fitting System


    Good saddle fit starts with a good fitting tree; a good fitting tree starts by measuring your horse’s back with our 3D equine back profiling system is designed to classify the horse’s back, identifying measurements of the width, angle, and twist. From these measurements, we can build a tree to fit your horse’s unique shape and to monitor changes in the horse’s back over time.

    You can use our 3D equine back profiling system to measure your horse. Purchase them on this page by adding the 3D equine back profiling system to your cart. If you return them and purchase a saddle, we will refund the charges, less shipping, by applying a credit to your purchase. (If you live outside of Canada, ask us how you should mark your paperwork to avoid duty taxes when returning the cards.)

    The 3D equine back profiling system contains everything you will need to complete the task. Additionally, we have an online video you can watch, and you can contact us by phone or a video app, so we can see what you are seeing.

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    Download the 3D horseback template instructions PDF
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