Horse tack and accessories

Horse tack and accessories

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  • Bucking Rolls

    Bucking Rolls


    Matching colour bucking rolls + $150

  • Crupper Strap


    Crupper Strap

  • Hoof pick holder for saddle

    Hoof pick holder for saddle


    Folding hoof pick and case

  • Leather Western Saddlebags 

    Leather Western Saddlebags 


    Matching colour Leather Western Saddlebags 

  • Mohair Girth

    Mohair Girth


    Mohair Girth

  • Over the horn saddlebags

    Over the horn saddlebags


    Over the horn saddlebags with matching tooling

  • Pure Wool Felt Saddle PadsFelt Pad with matching wear leathers

    Pure Wool Felt Saddle Pads


    Our pure wool felt saddle pads are designed for our saddles; they are the right thickness, length and width.
    – Thickness is 1/2 inch, cut to match the shape of the saddle skirts, and 4 inches longer than your finished saddle.
    – The slot along the spine allows the pad to self-contour to the horse and eliminate bunching/bulk in the channel. It also allows maximum venting of heat.
    – They are non-binding over the withers, have reinforced gussets, and wear leathers.
    – Cutouts under the leg eliminate bulk and allow the latigo layers to hang below the edge of the pad, eliminating pressure points.
    – The felt is the highest quality rated pure wool felt available and is made with heat and pressure. The qualities of wool allow it to remove heat by wicking away sweat thus cooling your horse and protecting against pressure points on his back. With proper care, it will maintain this strength and quality for many hours of riding time.
    Shown in photo with wear leathers to match a custom saddle (available when ordering a new saddle).

  • Western Breast Collar Plaited & lined

    Western Breast Collar Plaited & lined


    Western Breast Collar Plaited & lined

    Western Breast Collar Plaited & lined is both functional and easy to care for. Made of high-quality Bridle Leather to ensures longevity, while lining prevents rubbing and chaffing for equine comfort. A tie-down ring and clip for cinch attachment ensure ease of use and Stainless steel hardware provides a classic look.

    • Durable Bridle Leather
    • Padded Lining for Comfort
    • Tie-Down Ring
    • Stainless Snap for Cinch Attachment
    • Stainless buckles and Dee rings

    width of the chest strap 1.75″ to 1.25″

    Small                           Med                            Large
    Overall 23-27 in 58-69 cm          27-32in 69-81cm              31-37in 80-95 cm
    Tie Down Strap         26                                    30                                       34
    Shoulder                   14                                    16                                        18
    Tug                            22                                    24                                        28

  • Western Bridle

    Western Bridle


    Matching Plaited Western Bridle

    Small- bit to bit 76-107 cm (30″-42″) , Browband 34 cm (13.5″), Throat Latch 107 cm ( 42″)