Made to Measure Tree

measure front 6694

A good fitting saddle starts with a good fitting tree.

The first thing we do is measure your horse using our 3D back profiling system which provides us with measurements in 10 places along your horse’s back. From these measurements, we custom build a tree to fit its back type.

Our bars are wider and flatter than most and we have filled in the stirrup slots. These features along with a good fit allow the tree bars to better distribute the weight on your horse’s back and lower the pounds per square inch.

With a generous grant from the National Research Council of Canada, we researched and tested the materials used in our trees. Then we engineered them in our Canadian climate. Our tree is built tough but flexes rotationally to give to your horses’ movement.

Our equalizer cable rigging system is a loop of stainless steel aircraft cable embedded into the tree. It pulls evenly front to back and equalizes with the cinch.

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