Get a ride like a true cowgirl in our Lady Wade saddle. Its style dates back hundreds of years, bringing images of dusty trails and the smells of leather, horse sweat, and cattle. The saddle is sculpted for the unrivalled comfort of women, and the custom saddle tree will make your horse equally delighted as you go about your day in the saddle together.

Featuring the iconic made-to-measure tree of its predecessors, the Easy Fit Saddles Working Equitation saddle updates the look with soft bridle leather. Paying homage to the EFS, it features full adjustability, giving you an edge over the competition. The Easy Fit Saddles WORKING EQUITATION SADDLE is about superior communication and response between you and your horse. Adjusting your saddle for the ultimate fit will give you unprecedented comfort, a fluid ride, and unity with your horse as you glide across the arena.

  • The saddle price may differ from the price of the saddles shown.

From: 5800 CAD

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Seat sizes:
• 14″ seat – 8.5″ thigh, cut back swells 10″- approx saddle length 24″, bare tree bar length 19″.
• 15″ seat – 9.5″ thigh, cut back swells 11″ – approx saddle length 25″, bare tree bar length 20″.
• 16″ seat- 10.5″ thigh, cut back swells 12″ – approx saddle length 26″, bare tree bar length 21″.
• 17″ seat – 11.5″ thigh, cut back swells 13″ – approx saddle length 27″, bare tree bar length 22″.

All saddles come with:
• Shop-built, made-to-measure tree
• Adjustable cable rigging
• Shimmable bar pads
• Turned stirrups
• Adjustable (forward or back) stirrup/fender
• Shimmable seat
• Saddle strings
• 5-year tree and workmanship warranty
• Weight approximately 22 lbs (Endurance and English are approx 16 lbs)
• Choice of cantle finish, horn style, skirts, swells, conchos, stirrups, and leather colours
• Optional border stamping, leather tooling, or trophy lettering

The Easy Fit Difference

FeatureFor the RiderFor the HorseFor the customer
Custom tree– Close Contact.
– Stable on the horse.
– More secure ride.
– A perfect fit even for hard-to-fit horses.
– Makes a happy horse that will perform.
– Horse and rider security and comfort.
Tree bars-Wider bars put more surface area on the horse.
-Narrow under the thigh.
– Wider bars and eliminating the stirrup strap slot put more bar area on the horse’s back.– Horses comfort.
Bar Pads-Shock-absorbing foam pads help cushion the ride.
-Shim pockets.
-Adjustable position on the bar.
– Shock-absorbing foam eliminates small pressure points and allows freer movement for the horse.
– Shim pockets keep the saddle fitting the changing horse.
– Move the bar pads relative to the tree bar can widen or narrow the gullet.
-Alternately moving the bar pads ahead and back can help fit a rotated scapula.
– Horses comfort.
– Keep the saddle fitting.
– Makeup bar pads for another horse.
– Fit a rotated shoulder.
Adjustable Seat insert-They can be moved or be reshaped to fit your unique body.
-For the downhill horse can be used to level the seat.
-Can be moved to support your neutral pelvis position.
-Thicker inserts narrow the seat, and thinner inserts put you closer to the horse.
– Shock-absorbing foam.
-A balanced rider is a more stable load for the horse to carry.
– Reposition the pad to reshape the ground seat to fit the rider.
– Change the inset to fit male or female riders.
– Foam shock absorbing seat.
– Your sit bone can be shimmed to help balance your body’s asymmetry.
– Proper riding position utilizes your body’s natural shock absorbers and reduces tension and sore muscles.
-A balance position creates less tension in your body and less muscle soreness for riding.
Adjustable Stirrup strap– Adjustable forward or backward to align ear, hip, and heel for a balanced riding position.
– Offset the stirrup strap center right or left to compensate for rider asymmetry.
– Can adjust to support your riding position preference.
– A balanced rider is a more stable load for the horse to carry.
– A stable rider means your horse does not have to rebalance their load with each movement.
– Proper riding position utilizes your body’s natural shock absorbers and reduces tension and sore muscles.
– A balance position creates less tension in your body and less muscle soreness for riding.
– The foot is the foundation of your riding position
Stirrup– Optional crooked stirrups to create a level stirrup
– Stirrup twister for pre-turned stirrups eliminate strain on the knee and makes it easy to find a lost stirrup.
-The optional shock-absorbing foam foot tread
-Eliminate strain on the knee, and make it easy to find a lost stirrup.
Cable – Lighter weight by eliminating plates and leather of traditional rigging.
– Eliminates the need for a rear cinch.
– Pulls evenly from to back.
– Adjustable rigging position.
– Can adjust for horse asymmetry.
– Lighter weight.
– Can help adjust for asymmetry.
– Rigging position can be adjusted, but our experience is best left alone.
– Eliminates bulk under the thigh.
Air Flow– Wide channel to allow air flow with a pad that allows airflow.– Wide channel eliminates spinal interference
– Less heat build-up when used with our saddle pad
Short Skirts– lighter saddle
– Keeps the saddle over thoracic vertebrae.
– Less interference while bending
– Great for short-backed horse
Women’s fit– Low-rise seat to the front for pubic bone
– Wide under the sit bones
– Narrow in the thigh
– Allows contact with the lower leg
– Jean seam relief
– Allows the leg to lie naturally, toes pointed ahead.
Light weight– Saddling up is a breeze.
– Lighter tree,
– Seat belt webbing for the stirrup strap.
– Stainless cable is thinner and stronger.
– Use high-quality English bridle leather split to the optimal thickness.
– Lighter load.
Make the saddle your own– Seat size, fork and cantle style of your choice.
– Pick your main English bridle leather colour, seat colour, and accent colour in smooth or rough out
– Border design, buck stitching, tooling design of your choice.
– Custom conchos, match stirrup bolts,
– Matching accessories.
– Looking good– Looking good