What to consider when purchasing a saddle for Western Dressage

DRESSAGE FOR EVERYBODY WITH LIDIA TAYLOR·SATURDAY, MARCH 25, 2017 I often get asked if a particular saddle would be OK for Western Dressage work if a barrel saddle is better than a trail saddle, or a cutting one better than a ranch working saddle. I usually end up going over the same points with each […]

5 Ways Your Seat Can Screw Up Your Horse

5 Ways Your Seat Can Screw Up Your Horse Something that saddle fitters know but that’s often the last thing riders think of: it’s their riding position as much as the saddle fit that’s affecting their horse’s back and movement. In this Guest Post, ‘Classical Seat’ trainer Heather Moffett looks at how the rider’s seat can […]

Desert Style Riding Technique

Desert Style Riding Technique By Christa Lesté-Lasserre, MA An old style of riding could bring new benefits to modern-day endurance racing. Endurance could head back to its roots and see its riders adopting the “desert style” riding technique which, one research team says, leads to better horse-rider harmonization and faster galloping. “Confirming our hypothesis, the ‘desert […]

Regular Saddle Cleaning

Regular cleaning is important to extend the life of your saddle, it should take about 30 minutes depending on the condition of your saddle. Materials: Saddle soap Bucket of warm water Nylon-bristle brush Sponge Leather  oil or wax conditioner Soft rag Saddle-Cleaning Steps: Using saddle soap, water and nylon brush, clean the saddle with just […]

Proper Saddle Fit

When horses were the chief mode of transportation, they were bred to a somewhat uniform conformation within breeds. A saddle was a big investment and often had to last many horses. A horse that didn’t fit your saddle was usually put to work in harness. After WWII horse use began to transition from working animals […]

Easy Fit Saddles are Lightweight

Easy Fit Saddles are Lightweight Easy Fit Saddles weigh in at just over 20 pounds when fully rigged. We have utilized modern materials in the construction of our saddles and incorporated innovative design features to accomplish this. We start with a lightweight tree that we make out of a glass infused polymer, with a tuned carbon fiber frame […]