Body Position for Western Horseback Riding

Adjustable to the rider
AQHA Professional Horseman Brent Tincher describes appropriate body positioning that is practical in the western world.
By Holly Wilson

A functional body position can help you stay functional in the saddle all day long.

Functional body positioning can make all the difference when you spend an extended amount of time in the saddle.

From working cattle to spending hours in the saddle, your body can take a toll if you aren’t sitting correctly.

“Proper body position is basically balance and using your body in a functional manner, sitting in the center of the saddle,” says AQHA Professional Horseman Brent Tincher.

This means that there should be a visible line from your shoulder to heel, with arms hanging naturally bent toward the horse’s mouth.

“The reason you don’t ride with your arm straight out is because if you were gathering cattle, trail riding or training all day long, this would hurt your neck and shoulder,” Brent says. “You wouldn’t be using your body in a functional manner.”

Watch AQHA Professional Horseman Brent Tincher point out the different aspects of a balanced body here.

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