Adjust an Easy Fit Saddle for the Rider

Easy Fit saddles can be personally adjusted to you the rider. First, remove the screws on the front of the saddle jockeys so you can lift up the saddle seat to access the adjustable shims and fender/stirrup straps. If your saddle seat length is short you may have to remove the screws on the back […]

Properly fitted saddle has made a big difference

Canadian Junior competes at the Western Dressage World Show in Oklahoma Maverick is very sensitive and my first Western show saddle didn’t fit. We now have an Easyfit saddle which fits him way better and gives him better movement and more lift. In Level 1 we do leg yields and lengthenings in the jog. He […]

Made to measure trees

Made to measure trees We have developed a tree building system that ensures proper fit.  We start by utilizing our 3D back profiling system to measure your horse’s back every 2 inches as well as the rock where the tree bar will lay. All the templates are numbered so it easy to communicate and duplicate the […]

Close Contact

Close Contact Our single strap stirrup hangers are made of 2″ nylon seat belt material covered with leather and adjust up and down with a stainless steel  T buckle. The strap is every thin and help in reducing the bulk under your leg. The cable girth rigging system is a continuous loop of poly-coated, stainless, aircraft cable […]

Flexible Tree

Flexible Tree At Easy Fit Saddles we build our own lightweight semi-flexible tree for horses using a modern material to yield higher strength while eliminating weight. They are rigid along the length of the extra wide bars to evenly distribute the rider’s weight but are rotationally flexible to give your horse new-found freedom of movement […]

Fenders and stirrups

Fenders and stirrups Fenders/Stirrups: On Easy Fit saddles, the fenders are held in place with industrial strength, unbroken loop (UBL), generally known as Velcro. (This UBL is rated at 1000 which means it can be pulled apart a minimum of 1000 times before it will start to break down.) A 4” piece of a loop […]