How do I evaluate the right cinch length for my Horse?

In order to evaluate the right cinch length for your Horse, you need to know where your horse’s “elbow” is (you can feel it when you lift a leg just a little). You will want the buckle of the cinch to be 5 to 6 inches above that. No higher up the sides, as pressure in the “heart vein” area is uncomfortable and can cause swelling. We have learned that short cinches are better than long ones to help keep saddles from rolling side to side. Sounds funny, but true. So: when you find that spot above the elbow, measure down to the midline under the horse and double that. Cinches and girths come sized in 2″ increments, so a 26 will come up 1″ higher on each side than a 24. You don’t want the buckles too low because the elbows will hit them when the horse is walking/running. You also want the cinch to “live” approx. a hand with away from the elbow.

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