Easy to throw over your horse


Easy Fit Saddles are lightweight and we have gone to great lengths to build them that way!

  • Our tree is made of lightweight, modern materials. It incorporates the ground seat which strengthens the tree and eliminates multiple layers of heavy leather as in a traditional western saddle.
  • The cable rigging replaces all the leather and steel plates used in a traditional rigging, providing you with less bulky, stronger, lighter and adjustable rigging.
  • The single strap stirrup system utilizes modern, lightweight, high strength materials to give you closer contact, adjustable, strain-free riding while eliminating pounds.
  • We have paid close attention to leather thickness, heavy where we need it, thin where we don’t, never skimping on the quality we use.
  • Our saddles weigh an average of 22 pounds (10kg), a manageable weight to lift onto your horse!

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