Easy to fit to Men or Women


Traditionally, saddles have been made for men. Our saddles are built to accommodate a woman’s unique shape, however, with minimal (or no) seat shimming, men find them very comfortable too.

The custom shaping of the seat distributes the rider’s weight to a larger area, eliminating pressure points for a comfortable fit. Additionally, it allows the rider to achieve a perfect balance point, making it easier for the body to maintain balance when riding.

Ways you can customize your saddle for an optimum seat position:

  • Seat shims adjust forward or backwards to support a neutral pelvic position that eliminates bracing.
  • The seat shim can be shaped to get the drop-off point from the sit bones to the thigh in the correct place.
  • Seat shims come in various thicknesses and widths to allow customization of the twist. The thicker the pad the narrower the twist.
  • Fenders/stirrups can be positioned forward or back for optimizing rider alignment.

Ways we have designed our saddles specifically for women:

  • The rise of the seat is low to accommodate a lower pubic bone.
  • Seat padding and seams are wide in the sit bone area.
  • The twist has been kept as narrow as possible without compromising close contact with the horse.
  • Saddle rigging & stirrup leathers have been minimized under the leg to reduce bulk and keep the twist narrow.

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