Easy to adjust to fit your horse

bar pad shim w

Adjustable to keep the saddle fitting.

Removable pads under the tree bars are available in various thicknesses and all have shim pockets. These pads allow you change the rock and/or angles to keep the saddle fitting as your horse changes shape throughout conditioning and age cycles. Simply moving the bar pads down on the tree bars will make significant changes to the fit. We can help you set up bar pads for all of your horses (within a range) and you can change them out to get a good fit on a wide variety of horses and back types.

The equalizer cable girthing system is embedded into the front and back of the tree so it pulls evenly front to back on the saddle and eliminates the need for a rear cinch. It will self-adjust so that the cinch will sit in the right position for your horse. An adjusting strap can be added to adjust the cable to change the rigging position and can be used on one side only to help keep the saddle straight on asymmetrical shoulders.

A horse that is not distracted by equipment which is uncomfortable will allow him to focus better on the task at hand – another step toward ultimate performance.

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