Easy to adjust to fit the rider


Like snowflakes, every bum is unique! You adjust the saddle seat how you like it

Our seat inserts allow the rider to select a shape that fits and supports them in all areas of contact with the saddle seat and to distribute that weight evenly, eliminating pressure points. The ability to adjust your saddle seat, and ultimately your riding posture, with a thin shim pad, keeps you balanced and close to your horse.

Adjustable fenders can be positioned forward or back allowing the rider to place their legs in a more forward or back position for optimal balance in the saddle. Keeping in sync with your horse’s movement in a balanced and relaxed frame is difficult if your stirrups are out of position.

Positioning the shims and fenders will allow the rider to find their ultimate points of balance and comfort. Not being distracted by either of these factors will allow the rider to focus on their task and not the equipment – another step toward ultimate performance.

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