Easy Fit Saddles are Lightweight

Easy Fit Saddles are Lightweight

Easy Fit Saddles weigh in at just over 20 pounds when fully rigged. We have utilized modern materials in the construction of our saddles and incorporated innovative design features to accomplish this.

We start with a lightweight tree that we make out of a glass infused polymer, with a tuned carbon fiber frame and strategically placed steel tubing. The tree is then encased in a rubber polymer coating, resulting in a tree that is stronger and lighter than traditional trees.

Using glass infused polymer allows us to embed a loop of coated stainless steel aircraft cable right into the tree for the rigging. This means that all the plates, rings and leather associated with conventional rigging systems are eliminated. This further reduces bulk and weight.

Our lightweight stirrups are hung from a single strap of nylon webbing which is light yet strong.

Quality has not been sacrificed in order to reduce weight. We use the finest quality 12 oz North American tanned leather. Felt pads are made of 98% wool felt for superior cooling and moisture wicking. Conchos, buckles, and D-rings are stainless steel with silver plating. Trees are durable and will not warp or change shape over time; we guarantee them for 10 years. Innovative design has allowed us to maintain high quality and minimal weight in our saddles.

It’s time to move the western saddle into the 21st century!

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