Easy Fit Advantage

What Makes Easy Fit Saddles Different?

Easy on Your Horse

Custom Tree – The first thing we do is measure your horse using our 3D back profiling system which provides us with measurements in 10 places along your horse’s back. From these measurements, we custom build a tree to fit its back type.

Our bars are wider and flatter than most and we have filled in the stirrup slots. These features along with a good fit allow the tree bars to better distribute the weight on your horse’s back and lower the pounds per square inch.

We manufacture in-house our own unique tree utilizing high-tech, lightweight materials. They will stand up to extreme cold, will not warp, and are durable and lightweight.

Bar Pads & Shims
Removable pads under the tree bars have shim pockets which allow you change the rock and/or angles to keep the saddle fitting as your horse changes shape throughout conditioning and age cycles. Simply moving the bar pads down on the tree bars can also make significant changes to the fit. We can help you set up bar pads for all of your horses (within a range) and you can change them out to get a good fit on a wide variety of horses and back types.

Cable Rigging
The equalizer cable girthing system is embedded into the front and back of the tree so it pulls evenly front to back on the saddle and eliminates the need for a rear cinch. It will self-adjust so that the cinch will sit in the right position for your horse. An adjusting strap can be added to adjust the cable to change the rigging position and can be used on one side only to help keep the saddle straight on asymmetrical shoulders.

Saddle Skirts
Saddle skirts are kept to a minimum allowing your horse freedom of movement and keeping him cooler.

A horse that is not distracted by an uncomfortable saddle will allow him to focus better on the task at hand – another step toward ultimate performance.

Improved comfort and performance thanks to:

Wider panels that are perfectly symmetrical: weight-bearing surface area increased by 30% compared to the previous generation of panels.

More flexible panels: a uniform flexibility across the entire surface of the panels. Unrivaled quality.

A wider passage between the panels: the rider’s weight is borne by the muscle mass rather than the spinal column.

Freer movement of the shoulder blades thanks to the adjusted form

The spread of pressure from the girthing and the rider’s weight is optimized.

Easy on you

Aligning your spine, hips, knees and ankles puts you in a very balanced position on the horse. And, not having to accentuate the angles of your joints any more than necessary when sitting in the saddle, will prevent joint pain.

Feel the importance of alignment: Stand on the ground, with your feet apart. Bend and straighten your knees several times as if you were posting the trot. Now sit on a mid-height stool with your feet apart but not aligned under your hips. Try “posting” from this position. Which feels easier? Most saddles do not give the rider the opportunity to adjust so alignment can be achieved. Alignment is a key component in avoiding stress on joints. 

Seat Shims

The width of the saddle twist is critical to hip joint comfort. With our seat shimming system you can make the seat twist feel as wide or narrow as you like. (Men typically like a wider seat, but not necessarily.) A very thin shim can make an incredible difference in the angle of your thigh and how your hips feel when sitting in the saddle seat. Seat shims also allow you to position your pelvis to a neutral position, neither tilted forward nor back. 

Stirrup Leathers

Thin, high strength, lightweight materials in our single strap stirrup system eliminate the traditional bulky layers of heavy leather under your thighs and down the length of your leg. This gives you a close contact, strain-free ride. The ability to adjust stirrups forward or back, in conjunction with the seat shims, allows you to align your body to reduce stress on all of your joints and spine. Free swing fenders are mounted high up in the saddle to closely match your hip movement. Quick change, T-buckle, length adjusters are down low, flat, thin and smooth against your leg.


The stirrups are pre-twisted to relieve ankle strain and make your lost stirrup easy to find. Padding under your foot helps absorb shock. Optional offset or crooked stirrups can also help take the strain out. 


Ways we have designed our saddles to accommodate a woman’s pelvis:

  • The rise of the seat is low to accommodate a low pubic bone.
  • Seat padding and seams are wide in the sit bone area.
  • The twist has been kept as narrow as possible without compromising close contact with the horse.
  • Saddle rigging & stirrup leathers have been minimized under the leg to reduce bulk and keep the twist narrow.

You will be out riding more if you feel less strain from sitting in the saddle!

Easy to lift

Easy Fit Saddles are lightweight and we have gone to great lengths to build them that way:

  • Our saddles weigh an average of 22 pounds (10kg), a manageable weight to lift onto your horse!
  • The tree is made of lightweight, modern materials. It incorporates the ground seat which strengthens the tree and eliminates multiple layers of heavy leather as found in a traditional western saddle.
  • The cable rigging replaces all the leather and steel plate used in a traditional rigging, providing you with less bulky, stronger, lighter and adjustable rigging.
  • The single strap stirrup system utilizes modern, lightweight, high strength materials to give you closer contact, adjustable, strain-free riding while eliminating pounds.
  • We have paid close attention to leather thickness, heavy where we need it, thin where we don’t, never skimping on the quality we use.
  • Short saddle skirts mean less material used and therefore less weight.

Easy On The Eyes

  • When you look at our saddles you will see similar styling, profiles and materials that have been used for hundreds of years in the crafting of western saddles. The leather is quality American leather, and tooling is all hand done. Materials are strength tested for durability. We ride our saddles to ensure all components function as expected.Colours and finishes are where you come in. Choose your saddle type then pick leather colours, conchos, tooling, accessories and more. Each saddle crafted by our experienced saddle makers is unique to the buyer’s specifications.

    Traditional on the outside, innovative on the inside.