Barrel Racing is very competitive and takes the right combination of dedication, great horses, horsemanship, nutrition, conditioning and correct fitting equipment for both horse and rider.  When you and your horse are competing you don’t want to be thinking about your saddle; it needs to fit such that you and your horse can move as one. The heart of every one of our saddles is a properly designed saddle tree, and those trees are custom fit for horse and rider. You choose the cantle height, horn size, and shape of forks that will make your Barrel Racing runs secure and successful! Barrel saddles come with a narrow 4” horn for easy grip, more upright forks to balance against and an optional 4” or 5” high cantle to keep you in the seat. We recommend round skirts and no reveal on the back skirts to prevent interfering with the horse’s hip bone on tight turns.

$4,800.00 $


Seat sizes: 14″, 15”, 16″, and 17″

  • 14″ seat – 8.5″ thigh, Cut Back thigh 10″- approx overall length 24″, bare tree bar length 19″.
  • 15″ seat – 9.5″ thigh, Cut Back thigh 11″ – approx overall length 25″, bare tree bar length 20″.
  • 16″ seat- 10.5″ thigh, Cut Back thigh 12″ – approx overall length 26″, bare tree bar length 21″.
  • 17″ seat – 11.5″ thigh, Cut Back thigh 13″ – approx overall length 27″, bare tree bar length 22″.

Additional information

Weight22 kg
Dimensions65 × 45 × 45 cm

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