Ranch Cutter

$4,800.00 $

Cutting is very competitive and takes the right combination of dedication, great horses, horsemanship, nutrition, conditioning and correct fitting equipment for both horse and rider.  When you and your horse are competing you don’t want to be thinking about your saddle; it needs to fit such that you and your horse can move as one. At the heart of every one of our saddles is a properly designed saddle tree, and those trees are custom fit for horse and rider. You choose the cantle height, horn size, and shape of forks that will make you successful!

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Seat sizes: 14″, 15”, 16″, and 17″

  • 14″ seat – 8.5″ thigh, Cut Back thigh 10″- approx overall length 24″, bare tree bar length 19″.
  • 15″ seat – 9.5″ thigh, Cut Back thigh 11″ – approx overall length 25″, bare tree bar length 20″.
  • 16″ seat- 10.5″ thigh, Cut Back thigh 12″ – approx overall length 26″, bare tree bar length 21″.
  • 17″ seat – 11.5″ thigh, Cut Back thigh 13″ – approx overall length 27″, bare tree bar length 22″.

All saddles come with:

  • Shop built, made to measure tree
  • Adjustable cable rigging
  • Shimmable bar pads
  • Turned stirrups
  • Adjustable (forward or back) stirrup/fender
  • Shimmable seat
  • 5-year tree and workmanship warranty
  • Weight approximately 22 lbs (Endurance and English are approx 16lbs)
  • Cheyenne or pencil Roll
  • Saddle Strings
  • Choice of conchos
  • Choice of stirrups
  • Choice of border stamping
  • Choice of tooling pattern and amount
  • On any saddle, we can add your brand, custom lettering, upgraded conchos, upgraded stirrups, horn wrap, bucking rolls etc. Trophy lettering is available for $50 as well on any saddle.



Weight22 kg
Dimensions65 × 45 × 45 cm

Create your custom saddle here.


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    Also, our 1/2 pads are designed for out saddles, cut out to allow the latigo layers to hang below the edge of the pad, eliminating pressure points. They are made with the highest quality F11 Rated Pure Wool Felt available and is made with heat and pressure (never needled) with a Compression rating of 6.0 to 7.0 PSI and a Tensile strength of 200 PSI. The qualities of wool allow it to remove heat by wicking away sweat thus cooling your horse. Protects against pressure points on your horse’s back! Will maintain this strength and quality for 2,000+ hours of riding time with proper care! Non-binding over the withers, self Contouring to fit every horse perfectly, reinforced gussets, wear leathers, open top for maximum venting. Recommended working with our saddles.

    1/2 inch wool pad – round cut – 4 inches longer than your finished saddle. Shown with matching wear leather available only when ordering a new saddle.


  • Accessories

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    Matching Plaited Bridle

    Small- bit to bit 76-107 cm (30″-42″) , Browband 34 cm (13.5″), Throat Latch 107 cm ( 42″)

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