Correct Horse Riding Position

Aligning your spine, hips, knees, and ankles puts you in the correct riding position on the horse. And, not having to accentuate the angles of your joints any more than necessary when sitting in the saddle, will prevent joint pain.

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Correct horse riding position

Feel the importance of alignment: Stand on the ground, with your feet apart. Bend and straighten your knees several times as if you were posting the trot. Now sit on a mid-height stool with your feet apart but not aligned under your hips. Try “posting” from this position. Which feels easier? Most saddles do not give the rider the opportunity to adjust so alignment can be achieved. Alignment is a key component in avoiding stress on joints when riding.

Seat Shims

The width of the saddle twist is critical to hip joint comfort. With our seat shimming system you can make the seat twist feel as wide or narrow as you like. A very thin shim can make an incredible difference in the angle of your thigh and how your hips feel when sitting in the saddle seat. Seat shims also allow you to place the saddle pocket where you need it, and position your pelvis to a neutral position, neither tilted forward nor back.

Stirrup Leathers

Thin, high-strength, lightweight materials in our single strap stirrup system eliminate the traditional bulky layers of heavy leather under your thighs and down the length of your leg. This gives you a close contact, strain-free ride.
The ability to adjust stirrups forward or back, in conjunction with the seat shims, allows you to align your body to reduce stress on all of your joints and spine.
Free swing fenders are mounted high up in the saddle to closely match your hip movement.
Quick change, T-buckle, length adjusters are down low, flat, thin and smooth against your leg.


The stirrups are pre-twisted to relieve ankle strain and make your lost stirrup easy to find. Optional offset or crooked stirrups can also help take the strain out. Padding under your foot helps absorb shock.

You will be out riding your horse more if you feel less strain from sitting in the saddle!