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Easy Fit Saddles is committed to maintaining our reputation as a manufacturer and supplier of high-quality products that you can depend on. We will continually strive to exceed your expectations. If you have questions about our products or cannot find what you need on our website, don’t hesitate to contact us with the form to the right.

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The western Saddle Reimagined
Why buy an Easy Fit Saddle

Easy Fit Saddles is a Canadian company based in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Alberta. We have been operating for 15 years and sell our saddles mainly in the USA and Canada. Easy Fit’s philosophy behind our saddle design is to properly fit both horse and rider for optimum comfort and performance. Saddles are handcrafted using quality leather and materials, and each saddle is custom-built for horses and riders. Our innovative saddle tree allows us to custom shape the tree for your horse. They are adjustable for the horse, and the rider can customize the seat to their preference and body type. Because most riders are women, we have built them to be comfortable for the female pelvis. They are lightweight.
We provide quality saddles for Western dressage, working equitation, trail, endurance, and everyday pleasure riders. Most women don’t know how comfortable a western saddle can be.

Our USA customers are at an advantage when purchasing an Easy Fit saddle. You will have no federal or provincial taxes on your order. The US dollar is approximately 30% stronger than ours. We have the CU SMA import duty-free agreement between Canada, the USA, and Mexico, so there are no delays or charges. Shipping via DHL is about 2–3 days depending on customs inspection and should cost about $250 to most inland areas of the US.

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Saddles are handcrafted in our workshop, where we are committed to high-quality artistry, producing strong, low-maintenance, and comfortable saddles for horses and riders. Only the finest materials are used throughout their construction. Contact us to order yours.

Our western saddle trees are hand-made using a glass-infused polymer reinforced with steel tubing and stainless steel cable. The unified ground seat and bars are shaped to your horse’s measurements in our tree rack. The cantle and fork are then glued and screwed to the bars. Finally, the tree is covered in two layers of military spec S-glass and epoxy resin, then vacuum bagged for optimal strength and weight savings.

The seat can be customized for the rider with our ground seat shim between the seat cover and the tree and the horse with shims between the bar and the skirts. The seat belt webbing stirrup straps are hung over the top of the tree and adjustable forward and back to help balance the rider on the horse. The embedded rigging cable loop pulls the saddle down evenly front to back, the cinch finds its place under your horse, and the latigo centers itself on the cable.

They were tested for years in various conditions: in the arena, on the trail, working cattle, hunting in the backcountry, competing on the field, and everyday riding. An excellent saddle for women, younger riders, riders with back or shoulder problems and anyone else who has difficulty saddling a horse with a heavy saddle. hard-to-fit horses are our specialty, mules, draft breeds, gaited, QH, short-backed and wide. Temperature and moisture changes have no bearing on this tree’s performance.

Adjustable Rigging – Full, 7/8, 3/4, 5/8, or even centre fire positioning are all achievable with our cable rigging system. We embed a continuous loop of 1/4 inch vinyl-coated stainless aircraft cable by casting it into the tree over the fork and through the cantle. The cable pulls evenly from front to back and side to side for a secure fit without over-tightening and
eliminates the need for a rear cinch. It reduces the weight and bulk of traditional rigging from under the rider’s leg, giving close contact and free-swinging fenders. The rigging position is adjustable via a cinch strap that shapes the loop to position the saddle.

Adjustable Stirrups – Adjustable hangers move forward or back to correctly position the rider’s leg to achieve a proper position for the appropriate riding disciplines. Blevins buckles are used to adjust the length. Pre-twisted fenders take the ache
out of knees and hips. Laminated wooden stirrups are light and good-looking.

Close Contact Fenders – 2-inch vinyl-coated straps covered with Herman Oak leather fenders allow for a challenging, close contact, free-swinging, lightweight fender.

Adjustable to the Horse – The extra-wide gullet channel under the saddle provides a wider weight-bearing area. It prevents pressure on the spine and withers to alleviate contact with associated ligaments and nerves. Detachable bar pads in various thicknesses make it easy to fit a wide range of horses’ backs, giving them comfort and freedom to move. The pads can be changed to fine-tune the Fit of your horse as they change fitness and age. Individual bar pads can be made to fit a variety of horses and quickly attached as needed; an excellent choice for trainers and owners of multiple horses who want to have one saddle that they can confidently switch from horse to horse.

Designed for Women – A narrow twist in the saddle accommodates the angle of the female hip and allows the inner thigh to sit close to the horse. This allows the rider to wrap their leg around the horse instead of feeling “perched” on top. A wide and extra soft seat is designed to accommodate women’s pelvic structure alleviating pin bone
pressure points and relieving any pressure or rubbing on the pubic symphysis or genitalia of the rider. The removable seat cover and shim pads allow fine adjustment of seat cushioning for a personalized fit.

We’re very confident in our remote saddle fitting service in areas where one of our saddle fitters cannot travel to you. We have successfully built saddle trees that fit, with customers measuring their horses.  See photos of a remote fitting using our 3D Equine Saddle Fitting system.

– The first step is to order a 3D Equine Saddle Fitting system from us. ( This cost is refundable, with less shipping, if you return the templates to us.

– The cards come with written instructions. Online you can watch our video and download a PDF ( Sample of a remote fit submission

  • We invite you to arrange a call with us on a video chat if you are unsure, so we can see what you are looking at.
  • Please take pictures and send them along with your measurements.

It does take a bit of effort, but the results are well worth it.

Because our saddles are all custom, the wait time for a brand-new, custom-made saddle is three months. “Why do I have to wait so long?” I hear you ask.

Each saddle is custom-made with precision and care, unique to your specifications. There is no one size fits all saddle that we can take off the shelf. Your Easy Fit Saddle is carefully handcrafted and, with this, takes time.
We promise that your beautiful saddle will be worth the wait!

Option 1: Onsite saddle fit. Depending on your location, if a representative can get to you, your horse can be measured up, and your saddle order can take place onsite.

Option 2: We also have remote saddle fitting kits, which are easy and convenient. We provide simple step-by-step instructions with everything you need to take measurements of your horse. With a self-addressed express post bag, everything is suitable to suit your busy lifestyle and remote location. Once we receive your measurements, we can begin ordering your custom-made saddle.

Easy Fit Saddles, I can send you a measuring kit, then build you a tree to fit from the measurement. Fit is simply angle change all along the back coupled with rock. Those measurements capture the 3-dimensional shape of the back to give you width, flare, twist, angle, gullet, channel, rock, and relief.

Online you can watch our video and download a PDF ( Sample of a remote fit submission

Once your deposit is paid and you are on the build list, you can make installments payments until your saddle is complete. We also now offer PayPal and e-transfer for Canadian customers. Give us a call at 403-816-5251 to discuss your options. International saddle orders will have different payment policies, so speak to your EFS representative.

As a fitter, I am very wary of telling people their saddle is ‘wrong for the horse,’ firstly because I did not see the horse when it was fitted. Horses can gain/lose topline and fat pads very quickly, changing how a saddle sits in a matter of weeks!  So unless the saddle had been checked a few weeks before, I don’t believe it is fair for any professional to make assumptions. Ultimately I think you should take a step back and look at the evidence. 

  • Has the horse been going well in the saddle?
  • Any previous issues, have any of those issues been occurring with the current saddle?
  • Does the horse get regular physio/bodywork and veterinary assessments, and have these highlighted any signs of discomfort in the back or shoulders?
  • Does the horse work in a relaxed frame with no signs of facial tension or behavioural signs of discomfort (look up the ridden pain ethogram and score the horse, does it score higher than 8)?

If the horse is working well and not showing signs of resistance, the saddle is not causing an issue. If there are signs that things are incorrect and the same problems have occurred with different saddles, there may be some other underlying pain that has not been diagnosed.

The shim system in the bar pads can do the job as long as the new horse is within the shape range of your previous horse. 3D Equine Saddle Fitting system, your new horse’s back and comparison of the new to old shape will tell.
If the shims don’t work, the saddle can be returned for a refit. We will disassemble and rebuild the saddle to your new horse’s measurements. Call to arrange a measure of your new horse and an estimate to update your saddle.

Saddles shipping within Canada will be sent via Canada Post Express Post unless you request a different method.
Deliveries outside Canada will be shipped via DHL or UPS unless you request a different method.

Our saddles are made from Bridle Leather, fully finished with a waxy feel and a beautiful sheen. After the vegetable tanning process, the leather is hot stuffed with oils and tallows that penetrate through the hides, giving the leather a smooth, rich cut. The bridle leather is weather-resistant due to these oils and waxes. After the tanning process, the leather is drum-dyed for uniform colouring.

Latigo Leather is produced using a chrome tannage followed by a vegetable re-tan for maximum durability. This double-process tanning method gives the leather tensile strength and water resistance while maintaining the look and feel of vegetable-tanned leather. After the tanning process is complete, the leather is placed in a stuffing drum with tallows and waxes, then drum dyed for uniform colouring. This leather is strong and can withstand the elements yet is flexible and supple.

The gorgeous colour of our saddles absolutely will not run or rub off. Each drum of dyed leather has its unique characteristics and colours – no two drums of dyed leather are ever the same.

**Leather is a natural product; grain pattern and colour vary from hide to hide.

Full grain comes from the hide’s top layer, which has all the grain, pores, and hair follicles. The natural surface of full-grain leather burnishes and beautifies with use. The hides may have small scars and imperfections, but they lend a tremendous character. Some rare hides even have parts of the cow’s brand. You can use conditioners and cleaners and won’t need to oil them to keep them soft. The naturally tanned leather also means that no painting or doctoring of the leather has been done to hide or disguise blemishes.

Each tree custom fits your horse; we start with four base sizes of trees and can make 1/2 on request.
The base Bars Of Our Tree Measure

  • 14″ seat – 8.5″ thigh, Cut Back thigh 10″- approx overall length 24″, bare tree bar length 19″.
  • 15″ seat – 9.5″ thigh, Cut Back thigh 11″ – approx overall length 25″, bare tree bar length 20″.
  • 16″ seat – 10.5″ thigh, Cut Back thigh 12″ – approx overall length 26″, bare tree bar length 21″
  • 17″ seat – 11.5″ thigh, Cut Back thigh 13″ – approx overall length 27″, bare tree bar length 22″.

Our cut-back mobile gives you an extra inch in the seat to use an inch smaller tree base, and leaning the swells ahead gives you extra room. Using our round skirts with no reveal is our shortest combination.

Our adjustable stirrup and seat insert aid in becoming a balanced rider, ear, shoulder, hip, and heel alignment. This posture requires less saddle seat length and allows your natural shock absorbers, the curves in your neck and back, and your knees and ankles. You will feel more connected to your horse thru your seat, and your calves will be in contact with your horse.

Each horse is a unique shape, angle all along the back, the curve of the back, and length of the back. An off-the-shelf tree may fit in the front and back where you can see, but that is only a small position of the saddle tree. We measure your horse with our SADDLE FITTING TEMPLATE SYSTEM. This will give us a 3D picture of your horse’s back that we can communicate, repeat and compare over time. We consider your horse’s age, conditioning, asymmetry and riding goals. We then create a tree that will fit now and allow for future changes with our shimmable bar pads.

The ground seat shape is critical to comfort in the saddle. The main idea is to create a profile that maximizes contact between the seat leather with the rider. Each person is a unique shape. Women are different from men. Our moveable stirrup position and ground seat inserts allow for a custom fit. See more

If your horse has a prominent spine, it can rub it. They work better with a double-backed horse (muscle is prominent on either side of the spine). Because they have no tree to distribute the load, they place a higher percentage of your weight under the stirrup strap and your seat bones. Some riders can decrease the effect by shifting seat bone pressure to their thighs and smooth-riding until they get tired. Some horses tolerate this pressure; some do not. Generally, they are not a good idea if you ride a lot, ride fast or are heavier rider. However, some combinations work just fine. Try one if you can, and give it a good workout for a week. Palpate the back and look for pain and signs.

A treed saddle is best if it fits. Eliminate all the problems mentioned, but it creates its issues. The tree has to fit, and horses change, so you must regularly commit to checking the Fit. Treed saddles can put you in a better position on the horse and give you a more comfortable ride. The popular model around here has fenders that are mounted low, so they are difficult to swing. Each model is a different design; they are all trying to spread the load of the girth, stirrup and rider weight and stop the collapsing onto the spine.