Built For Horses

Made to Measure Tree Built for Your Horse:

To make quality saddles, you have to start with quality trees and build them to fit the individual horse and rider. Horse backs are all unique, they change throughout their life-cycle, degrees of fitness, and many are not symmetrical. At Easy Fit Saddles we build our own lightweight tree for horses using a modern material to yield higher strength while eliminating weight. The extra wide bars evenly distribute the rider’s weight, eliminating pressure points and giving your horse a good, comfortable fit.

The purpose of a saddle tree is to distribute the rider’s weight over a larger area, keep the pressure on the spine, tendons and reflex points, give the horses shoulders room to move, and stabilize the rider in a balanced position in alignment with the horse’s centre of gravity. The quality of the tree and its fit to both horse and rider ultimately determines you and your horse’s satisfaction with the finished product. We have been building and testing various versions of these trees since 1995 and they are in use by ourselves as well as endurance riders, western sports, mounted police, outfitters, feedlots, and parks throughout the world. Our latest version is our best ever.

Poor saddle fit can cause pain and trauma to your horse, which often manifests as a training issue or poor performance. As a horse is ridden over longer distances, at higher speeds or by heavier riders, proper fit becomes more important  We build our trees to fits your horse with our Fitting Support Program. We start with a measurement of the stationary horse and progress through steps to ensure fit while you are riding your horse in motion. Our Qualified Saddle Fitters and receive training in Anatomy, the concepts of recognizing and resolving Laterality, fitting the tree and fitting the rider with the correct seat size, individual seat inserts, and adjustable fenders.  At the first appointment, the saddle fitter will take a detailed measurement of your horse that will be used as the template for the saddler to produce the tree. By working with the structure of the horse the tree will stabilize both the saddle and the rider in a balanced position which is in alignment with the horse’s centre of gravity

Adjustable to the horse

We incorporate detachable pads with shim pockets under the tree bars to allow the saddle to be easily adjusted by rider or professional to properly fit your horse’s changing shape. We make our pads in a variety of thicknesses from breathable materials. Additional pads can be set up for multiple horses and quickly swapped out between rides.

Built For Horses
Built tough

Cable Rigging

Our cable girth rigging system is a continuous loop of poly-coated, stainless, aircraft cable which is moulded into the tree. It pulls evenly from side to side and front to back and can eliminate the requirement of a back cinch. It is stronger and lighter than any other rigging system we know of while allowing for close contact with your horse by eliminating the bulk and weight associated with traditional rigging. The cable can be adjusted to full, 7/8, 3/4 or even centerfire positioning but left alone it acts as an equalizer allowing the saddle and girth to find their natural positions. For asymmetries, the position can be adjusted differently on each side and in conjunction with shimming, pull the saddle off a small, weak or atrophied shoulder so it can rehabilitate.

Light Weight

Easy Fit Saddle trees are lightweight which contributes to the saddle’s overall weight. Each tree is hand cast from a mould to ensure symmetry. Using high strength urethane, polymers, carbon fibres and various other advanced materials in combination ensure the best of all worlds in one tree.

We can work with your saddle fitter or with you, to determine your horse’s back shape.