Care of Vegetable Tanned leather

Vegetable tanned leather is incredibly durable, eco-friendly, and beautiful leather that improves with age. It is the oldest form of leather tanning in the world, recipes and skills have been handed down from generation to generation, the basic principles have not changed since 6000 BCE. Using the natural tannins found in various barks and woods, […]

Overall I am thrilled with the saddle

Good morning Allen,  After showing all weekend in it, I am truly impressed. My horse who has always struggled to pick up her left lead, not only willingly pick it up but performed lead transitions like never before.

The Science Behind Equine Boots and Bandages

Boots and wraps protect the horse’s limbs. But have you ever asked yourself why or how these dressings protect a horse’s leg–or if they even do? By Christa Lesté-Lasserre, MA What purpose does equine legwear really serve? Going out for a few jumps in the arena? Buckle on the brushing boots. Heading for a haul in […]

Does the Tree Fit the Shape of My Horse’s Back?

Dr Kerry Ridgway Take time to educate yourself because an ill-fitted tree will cause permanent, long-term damage to your horse. And there are no pads, shims, adjusting, nor gadgets that will make it right if it is the wrong shaped tree for that horse! The saddle tree is indeed the primary element to consider in […]

Trail Horse Hoof Care

By Diane E. Rice The most natural of all hoof treatments is to trim your horse’s hoof walls every four to six weeks and leave his feet unshod. But if you live in an area with the hard or rocky ground, shoes might be called for. Photo: Alexandra Beckstett, The Horse Managing Editor Best trimming and […]

Treating Scratches

by: Erica Larson Pastern dermatitis is not, in itself, a single disease. Rather, it’s a symptom of a variety of underlying conditions. Photo: Alexandra Beckstett, The Horse Managing Editor Those dreaded crusty and itchy scabs are back. You know the ones. They cover the back of your horse’s pasterns, sometimes spreading to his fetlocks and […]