Horseback riding often means sitting in a saddle for hours at a time and navigating all kinds of terrain and whether the BENEFITS OF EASY FIT SADDLES become apparent. Comfort for your horse and you are paramount. By rethinking every aspect of their design, Easy Fit Saddles has developed high-end, innovative saddles that are properly sized for horse and rider, light enough to lift onto a horse easily and have various adjustable features so you and your horse can find ultimate comfort and balance in the saddle. You can choose from various western saddle designs and finishes to suit your preferences.


1. Fit for the Horse: If the saddle only fits the horse but not the rider, the horse will be distracted by your attempts to keep balanced. It’s like carrying a wiggly toddler on your back; when the child changes their position, you must rebalance their position to carry them comfortably. 

2. Fit for the Rider: If the saddle fits the rider but not the horse, then the rider will become unbalanced and distracted due to the movement of the saddle under them. Both of you want to focus on the task at hand so you can perform comfortably and to the best of your ability.

A Comfortable Saddle is Achieved Through Proper Saddle Fit for Both of You


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The angle and width of the horse’s back change by degrees all along its length; the permutations amongst horses are endless. Quantifying the angles, widths and lengths into something measurable is a challenge. But we all know that if your saddle doesn’t fit your horse, he will likely be cranky and sore and may also be restricted in his movement, affecting his performance.

Our Easy Saddle Fitting system eliminates guesswork when measuring your horse and saddle for a perfect fit. Your custom saddle will fit your horse’s back along its entire length, and it will enable your horse to move with the least amount of restriction. Adjusting features allow for fine-tuning of fit if your horse has asymmetries or changes over time. The close-contact feel will enable responsiveness to leg cues so that you can communicate more effectively with your horse. And you can have peace of mind that you are not causing discomfort or restriction to your horse through an ill-fitting saddle.


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Riders come in all shapes and sizes; what works for your friend or your trainer may not work for you. We are all different, male or female, big or little booty, lots of natural lower spine curvature or very little, etc., etc. Finding a saddle that accommodates your body shape and size is important to optimize your performance and ride comfort. Part of that is the ability to align your body to find balance and maximize the use of all of your natural shock absorbers (joints).  You must think about more than seat size and stirrup length. Having a saddle that you can adjust to accommodate your shape is a real game changer for fit and comfort in the saddle. That’s where Easy Fit Sadles comes in. We have those adjusting features so you can find balance and comfort.


Buying a western saddle entails much more than going to the saddle store and finding the right seat size, fender length, colour, and conchos. It is a saddle you and your horse need to find comfort while riding for an extended period. You never want to feel distracted by it. It needs to be a saddle you have confidence in, that it is going to perform well under all riding circumstances and stand up over time. 

Easy Fit Saddles builds custom-built western saddles to meet the individual needs of both horse and rider. Comfort comes from proper sizing for horse and rider and the ability to make adjustments to personalize the fit. Beautiful craftsmanship and input on colour and finishes ensure that your new saddle is one you and your horse will love for a long time.