the 4 of us
The whole family playing Polocrosse.

Our goal at Easy Fit Saddles is to get riders and horses into comfortable, balanced, lightweight, beautiful saddles. Riding is all about a horse and rider working together so they can perform to their full potential and both have a great ride.

Although we had done a lot of trail riding, our real journey on understanding how a saddle should fit didn’t really start until we were playing polocrosse and made the switch to thoroughbreds. We were riding longer, more often, harder and faster than we had ever done before. The response of our bodies to our horses and us’ was related to how well the saddles fit or, more often, didn’t fit both of us.

Determining how to measure a horse’s back was a challenging journey, but we knew that it was key to a horse’s comfort. When we switched to thoroughbreds, we found they were typically narrower and higher withered than quarter horses. And, when we went to other countries like Australia or Africa for a stock/polocrosse saddle, we found their horses in warmer climates were more narrow than ours. Well, of course, we soon determined that wither height and width were only one portion of the total horse’s back. Overall fit required more evaluation if we were going to get horses comfortable and not let the saddle interfere with their performance. 

Rider comfort and fit were things we looked at once we started learning about women’s fit. We’ve ridden in those saddles that tell you exactly where your pin bones are for the next week or make your back hurt after every ride. A saddle that was comfortable for one of our family members was not always comfortable for another. Finding a way to adjust the seat and stirrups took a lot of trial and error, but without it, you are at the mercy of the saddlemaker to build the seat and place the stirrups how and where you need them.

We have selectively replaced heavy and bulky saddle components with lighter, stronger, modern materials available to us now. Western saddles can be overbuilt with multiple layers of heavy leather. Years ago, that’s all the saddle makers had to work with. It was expected, and tradition keeps the practice alive. Interestingly, you don’t see many people driving the old solid steel pickups from the pre-50S. They have all switched to newer, lighter, more comfortable, and more powerful models. There is a similar progression with the Olympics; modern, lightweight, stronger materials allow athletes to break records yearly. We are about bringing advanced saddle technology to market.

Our Easy Fit Saddles team comprises riding enthusiasts who compete and ride every day. We only sell what we ride, so you can be confident that when you shop at Easy Fit Saddles, you get top-quality riding products that everyday riders have tested.