About Easy Fit Saddles

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At Easy Fit Saddles, we know how important it is to have a saddle that fits you and your horse. We create comfortable, balanced, lightweight, and beautiful saddles. We believe riding is a partnership between horse and rider and that a well-fitting saddle can make a difference in performance and enjoyment.

Through years of playing Polox with my family, I developed an interest in saddle fit. Our daily, fast-paced conditioning rides quickly made us realize that ill-fitting saddles were causing discomfort to our horses. Despite trying saddles from Australian and South African players and local sources, finding a suitable saddle for our thoroughbred horses was always a problem. However, the half-bred Aussie style caught my eye, as it was a lightweight and narrow version of the traditional Western saddle. This fueled my desire to create a lightweight western saddle to enhance both horse and rider’s fit and comfort. Additionally, I was reminded of the specific needs of women that Western saddle makers often disregard.

After trying various off-the-shelf saddle trees, I found that each system had shortcomings. I decided that a modular system was the best solution. This system makes use of tree bars in various seat sizes, then add a swell and cantle of your choice. I spent much time acquiring and testing different polyurethane systems that best mimicked wood. I created a horseback measuring system that efficiently communicated XYZ coordinates of the horse’s back—coupled the measurement with a curing rack that could be adjusted to the given XYZ measurement to form a perfectly fitting saddle tree. I then worked on replacing all the heavy leather parts with more robust, lighter materials available today but keeping the appearance of a high-quality leather western saddle that people love. I added adjustments for both horse and rider to improve fit and comfort for both.

Our Easy Fit Saddles team consists of riders who love what they do and do it every day. We compete and ride in various disciplines and styles. We only sell what we ride ourselves, so you can trust that our products are high-quality and rider-tested.

We invite you to explore our website and learn more about our saddles and how they can benefit you and your horse. You can also contact us anytime if you have questions or need assistance. We are always happy to help you find your perfect saddle.

Thank you for choosing Easy Fit Saddles, where we make riding easy and fun!