There is no standard of equine back sizing.

Saddle Fitting

At Easy Fit Saddles, western saddle fitting means fit for the horse and fit for the rider. Most custom saddle makers allow you to choose a style and seat size along with the cosmetics: colour, conchos, tooling etc. We go way beyond those basics

Our saddles start with a saddle tree that is custom made to fit your horse’s back type.  We use our 3D equine back profile system to measure your horse’s back then make, in-house, a custom tree to fit.

Adjustable rigging positions and shim-able bar pads allow you to maintain fit through age and fitness cycles.

Riders also get a custom saddle. First, we make the tree in an appropriate size and fenders the appropriate length. From there, the rider can adjust the seat angles and width with easy to use seat inserts. Stirrup positions are adjustable forward or back to achieve rider balance and comfort. And of course, you can customize colour, conchos, tooling, etc.

The saddle industry lacks standardization in saddle fit. The terms Quarter Horse, Semi Quarter Horse and Full Quarter Horse mean nothing when comparing between tree companies let alone the shape of horse they will fit. Back drawings in all their various ways have been done for ages, but a common system to measure and communicate the shape of a horse’s back was unheard of until Dennis Lane devised a simple card system for a horse owner enabling them to determine the shape of their horses back and easily communicate this information.

Our North American horses are larger than the typical horse found in warm climates like Australia so we have expanded on Dennis’ idea and developed a full range of cards to better measure our larger North American horses.

The templates are also a useful tool for the owner to monitor the change in shape of a horse over time and use. The differences in size from spring to summer would help in picking the correct padding, or knowing the saddle could be causing the problem before the dreaded white hairs appear.

Signs of poorly fitting saddles:

  • Atrophied muscles especially behind the shoulder blades
  • White hair patches under saddle
  • Saddle Shift – most common issue, causes back pain in horse and rider
  • Horses have difficulty moving in one direction over the other, picking up a lead
  • Spookiness, bolting, bucking, biting and kicking often for uncalled for events
  • General stiffness, grumpy disposition, lack of impulsion
  • Difficulty standing still
  • Resent being groomed

Gives us a call if you:

  • think your saddle is not fitting your horse
  • are a woman trying to fit into a man’s saddle
  • have tried multiple saddles and still haven’t found one to fit your horse

Saddles for hard to fit horses are our specialty.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact our very experienced and knowledgeable staff at 403-816-5251

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