3D Back Profiling

The saddle industry lacks standardization in saddle fit. The terms Quarter Horse, Semi Quarter Horse and Full Quarter Horse mean nothing when comparing between tree companies let alone the shape of horse they will fit. Back drawings in all their various ways have been done for ages, but a common system to measure and communicate the shape of a horse’s back was unheard of until Dennis Lane devised a simple card system for a horse owner enabling them to determine the shape of their horses back and easily communicate this information. Our North American horses are larger than the typical horse found in warm climates like Australia so we have expanded on Dennis’ idea and developed a full range of cards to better measure our larger North American horses.

The templates are also a useful tool for the owner to monitor the change in shape of a horse over time and use. The differences in size from spring to summer would help in picking the correct padding, or knowing the saddle could be causing the problem before the dreaded white hairs appear.

Download the PDF instructions here.